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Core Product Category Rules

Core Product Category Rules

Product Category Rules are a set of rules, requirements and guidelines set down by the environmental standard EN 15804:2012+A2:2019.

They provide the framework for developing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for one or more product categories and ensure that all EPDs use the same environmental indicators, even when the EPD for a product is produced by different organisations.

Areas they cover include:

  • defining the conditions under which construction products can be compared based on the information provided by the EPD
  • setting down the stages of a product’s life cycle that are to be included in the EPD and which processes are to be included in the life cycle stage
  • providing the means for calculating the Life Cycle Inventory and the Life Cycle Impact Assessment underlying the EPD, including the specification of the data quality to be applied
  • setting rules for reporting predetermined, environmental and health information not covered by LCA.