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CE Marked Panels for Non Construction Use

CE- Marked US Panels: Compliance with EU Standards for Non-Construction Use

US plywood and OSB panels which carry the CE mark under harmonised European standard EN 13986: 2004 +A1:2015 automatically comply with EN 636 for plywood and EN 300 for OSB.

EN 636 gives requirements for plywood for general use and for load bearing applications in dry, humid & exterior conditions with relevant test methods.  See guide to individual standards for determining plywood performance characteristics, and relevant to non-construction applications.

EN 300 defines the terms, establishes a classification and gives specific requirements for OSB for use in general purpose/non-load bearing and load bearing applications in dry and humid conditions with relevant test methods.  See guide to individual standards for determining performance characteristics for OSB, also relevant to non construction applications.

EN 13986 defines the performance characteristics & test methods for wood-based panels, including plywood and OSB, enabling their use in construction applications as load bearing and non-load bearing panels in dry, humid & exterior conditions.

Other requirements covered by both EN 636 and EN 300:

  • Classification system
  • Tolerances & dimensions
  • Mechanical characteristics (both non-load bearing/load bearing)
  • Density of panel
  • Formaldehyde release
  • Bond quality
  • Biological durability (hazard class limited by species)
  • Moisture resistance
  • Swelling thickness
  • Internal bond