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Tongue & Groove

Tongue & Groove on APA Trademarked Plywood Panels

Exposed tongue & groove plywood roof sheathing see case studies

APA trademarked plywood panels have a tongue and groove (T&G)  profile on their two long edges.  See APA trademarked panels.

You can see an example of this feature in the photo opposite, with  exposed T&G plywood roof sheathing in the recently built  design office for US architects, Rogers Kranjnak.

Technical Notes:
  • The use of tongue & groove removes the need for support (blocking) under adjacent panel edges to prevent them from deflecting independently of each other when load is applied.
  • The material removed to create the tongue normally reduces the width of the panel by 12.5 mm (1/2″), therefore the net width of tongue and groove panels is typically 1206mm (47-½”).