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Span Rating, plywood

Span Rating on APA Plywood Panels

Span Rating on an APA panel provides vital information about its structural viability. It gives the maximum recommended centre to centre spacing of supports over which the panel should be placed, with its strength axis across two or more supports. The further the supports are spaced, the thicker the panel needs to be.

Span Ratings and Performance Category and Panel Thickness need to be considered together when determining the suitability of a panel for a specific application. These technical tables provide an easy guide to the main plywood grades, and their performance categories and span rating for specific applications.

See how span rating appears on APA trademarked panels. It can be displayed as either:

  • Single number for wall (Wall-24) and floor (24 o.c.) applications
  • Fractional format where the panel is suitable for both roofing and subflooring uses such as rated sheathing 32/16 (where the left hand number represents the maximum centre to centre spacing of supports for use in roofing and the right hand number covers the maximum centre to centre spacing for subflooring applications).
  • An exception to this rule is 303 Siding (cladding) and wall only panels where span rating applies when the panels are installed vertically.