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Types of APA Formwork Panels

Types of APA Concrete Forming Plywood Panels

All APA Plyform concrete form panels are Exterior classification, and available in three classes relating to their strengths – Class I or Class II and Structural 1.  Download APA’s Concrete Forming Design/Construction Guide.   For examples of specific APA trademarked panels click here or check out the guide.

Three types of Plyform panels:

Plywood used for concrete formwork can have different surface textures from polished HDO to a replica patterned board-and-batten siding (cladding) panel. While this can be  part of the basic forming panel, the texture is usually applied as a liner requiring plywood backing so that the liner delivers texture but little to the structure of the formwork.

With some textured surfaces a higher force is needed when stripping the formwork away from the concrete. As this can lead to panel damage if a basic forming panel is used, it is best to avoid this unless the number of pours required is limited. Film coatings such as lacquer, polyurethane or epoxy can be used with a release agent to make stripping easier.

  • Minimum veneer grades: face – B;  inner plies – C; back – B grade
  • Specified where concrete finish must be as smooth as possible
  • Both have a hard, opaque resin-fibre overlay, heat-bonded to panel face
  • High reuse rate – normally 20 to 50, but up to 200
  • Smooth surface resists abrasion (scratches & dents to back caused by fastening panel to supports can make it impractical to use both sides)
  • Light application of releasing agent recommended between pours.
Standard B-C Grade Plywood

APA’s standard, sanded exterior B-C grade plywood panels  are non-overlaid, sanded panels with one smooth surface suitable for concrete forming when one smooth, solid face is required. Face veneer: B grade; inner plies and back – C grade.