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Concrete Formwork

 Plyform Classes for Concrete Formwork

APA’s Concrete Forming Design/Construction Guide is designed for architects, engineers and contractors. See the range of creative applications for formwork.

Example of Concrete Forming

APA’s Plyform is specifically engineered and manufactured for use as concrete formwork. These structural panels have an Exterior bond classification and are only made from certain wood species and veneer grades for strength.

Plyform conforms to the updated US Voluntary Product Standard PS1-19.

There are three classes relating to  their different strengths:  Plyform Class I ; Plyform Class II; Structural 1 Plyform.

Plywood High Medium Density

All three grades are available with a High Density Overlay (HDO) or a Medium Density Overlay (MDO) on one or both faces. MDO Plyform is a proprietary APA panel made specially for concrete formwork.  It is not the same as Regular MDO or MDO General, which are not suitable for formwork. HDO Plyform gives a near polished concrete surface and normally produces 20 to 50 pours or more.

Engineered wood experts are available to answer your questions concrete formwork. Ask a question online or call APA on 001 253 620 740.