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APA OSB Panel Grades

APA OSB Panel Grades for Different Applications

OSB Family Dwellings

The main APA OSB panels are: APA Rated Sheathing, Structural 1 Rated Sheathing and APA Rated Sturd-I-Floor.  See more technical information on spacing for support and loadbearing.

APA OSB panels are manufactured to Exposure 1 standards, equivalent to the UK and European OSB/2 classification for load bearing panels for use in dry conditions. Examples of panel trademarks.

APA OSB is not intended for exterior use and only two classes are relevant: Use Class 1 – dry, interior and Use Class 2 – interior or undercover, not exposed to the weather, but condensation possible. See additional moisture content guidance and aligning Use and Service Classes.

Structural I’ on an APA trademark for OSB sheathing and Sturd-I-Floor shows it is a performance-rated panel, with superior bending stiffness and strength.  It will have been produced to meet the requirements of US standard PS 2 for cross-panel strength and stiffness in bending and racking load performance. ‘Rated’ on panel shows it complies with the standard’s test requirements.

This is a basic, unsanded sheathing grade for wall, roof, sub-flooring and industrial applications such as pallets and engineering design with proper capacities.


This panel grade supplies superior strength performance especially where shear and cross-panel strength properties are essential. More on the superior performance benefits of Structural 1.

APA Rated Sturd-I-Floor

A single layer floor decking comprising of a combination of subfloor-underlayment. It provides a smooth surface for application of carpet or pad. This touch-sanded panel is available either as a square edged panel or with a tongue and groove on the two long edges. It offers high concentrated and impact load resistance during construction and occupancy.