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Applicable US Standards

Standards for US Trademarked Panels in Non-Construction Applications 

The APA trademark on plywood and OSB panels confirms that they have been manufactured to US Product Standards PS1-19 for plywood and PS2-18 for plywood and OSB.

The panels automatically meet the requirements for use in non-construction European and UK applications, subject to the specific end use. Some non-construction applications will have the same performance requirements as walls and floors used in construction applications.

Product Standard PS1-19 for plywood sets minimum manufacturing requirements and covers wood species, veneer grades and packaging.

Performance standard PS2-18  establishes criteria for specific applications including panel strength, stiffness, durability and stability but allows total flexibility on how this is achieved.

Criteria for both standards:

  • Establish methods for determining the above requirements are meet or are better than the minimum levels stated in the respective product standard.
  • Use industry-standard terms and definitions.
  • Provide a quality certification programme to ensure that qualified testing agencies like APA  have checked the panels to ensure they comply with these respective standards.
  • Give guidance on adhesive bonding, panel construction & workmanship,dimensions & tolerances,moisture content and marking.