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Plywood Builders Tips – Walls & Roofing

Using Plywood Sheathing for Walls and Roofing

Unsanded, plywood sheathing panels are specially designed for walls and roof applications. (for its use in structural subfloor decking, see Builders Tips- 1 and APA’s special flooring product Sturd-I-Floor).

APA manufactures its sheathing panels to meet the requirements of US standard PS 2-18. So long as mills comply with the main requirements, individual specifications can differ.  Selecting an Exterior or Exposure 1 panel grade depends on where it will be used and the  moisture exposure. More here.

Follow the trail below for more about sheathing, the importance of span ratings and the specific performance characteristics and EU standards that apply to roofing and walls for selling in the UK and EU (such as EN 314-2 for external bond classification).  Or check them out here.

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