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Products & Trademarks

The Importance of the APA Trademark

American engineered wood products are manufactured to conform to US voluntary national standards, proprietary standards as well as some European Standards.

The trademark tells a customer that this product has been manufactured under the strictest programme of quality inspection and testing for a specific use.

Only when member mills have successfully passed the APA’s third-party auditing process can they add the official APA trademark – and it can be withdrawn.

Each trademark carries vital product usage information.  View here examples of APA trademarks and a guide to the panel notations.

Several independent agencies provide quality assurance services to U.S. manufacturers of including APA – The Engineered Wood Association and TECO Corporation.

APA – The Engineered Wood Association
7011 So. 19th St.
Washington 98466-5333
US website: http//www.apawood.org
TECO Corporation
1507 Matt Pass — Suite 2
Cottage Grove,
WI 53527
US website: http://www.tecotested.com