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US Standards for APA Trademarked Panels

US Standards for APA Trademarked Panels

Structural PanelsThere are two product standards covering the manufacture of US wood-based panel products:

  • US Voluntary Product Standard PS1-19.
  • US Product Standard PS2-18.
  • APA-trademarked plywood  panels are covered by PS 1-19 and PS 2-18  – more technical info.
  • OSB is manufactured to US PS 2-18.

APA also has its own Performance-Rated Panel Standard – PRP 108.  This is similar to the US product standard PS 2-18 and an  APA plywood panel may refer to either standard or both of them.

The association operates one of the most stringent schemes of third-party quality control testing and certification in the global structural panel industry.  The quality of its third party certification for its member mills is reflected in the acceptance of APA products, and their applications, by international regulatory bodies, including those in the UK and EU.