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EU web rules for placing DoPs

EU Web Rules for Declarations of Performance (DoPs)

The official Delegated Act (EU) No 157/2014 to the CPR gives the rules manufacturers must follow when placing their DoPs on a website instead of supplying as paper or electronic documents.

 General Concept
  • The delegated act does not change the responsibility of the manufacturer or other stake holders.
  • The delegated act only covers the way in which the DoP can be provided.
  • The obligation to supply a paper copy of the DoP, if requested, remains.
  • Contracting parties should agree on the procedure to be followed when supplying the DoP.
Specific Requirements
  • The unique identification code given in the DoP must link the information in the document to every product.
  • The user must be instructed on how to access the online information.
  • Once uploaded, a DoP cannot be changed.
  • A DoP must remain accessible for at least 10 years after the construction product has been placed on the market.
  • The website hosting the DoP should be subject to monitoring and maintenance and be kept available and accessible, as far as possible, at all times.
  • Access to this website must be free of charge.

The DoP must be supplied in the language(s) required by the Member State(s) where the product is being made available.


The DoP should be displayed preferably using semantic web technologies (e.g. XML) but also making sure that it is in a humanly readable format (e.g. HTML but also PDF). It also advises that using a standardised, machine readable format will make it easier to work with the architectural tools used in Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Other accompanying documents on the website 

Other documents required by the CPR to accompany the DoP must also be considered for supply via the website. These will include information relating to the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), if relevant, installation instructions and safety information.