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Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

  • Under the CPR, manufacturers wishing to trade in the European market are legally required to set down the levels of performance for any construction product.  They have to be listed in an official document called a Declaration of Performance (DoP).
  • These documents can now be made available by the manufacturer on its website. Learn more about what is needed.
  • The DoP has to provide information identifying the product and the processes it has undergone to achieve its stated performance levels, including the involvement of any third parties.
  • This enables the construction works using the products to meet the appropriate building requirements. See performance characteristics for APA Plywood; OSB; LVL.
  • The EU has introduced greater flexibility for manufacturers to meet the requirements of different kinds of construction products when drawing up a DoP.  Learn more.
  • The information appearing in the DoP can only originate from the test methods outlined in the harmonised technical specification.  No other test methods are permitted to be referenced. By making a DoP, the manufacturer, importer or, in some cases, a distributor is assuming legal responsibility for the construction product meeting the performance levels listed in the DoP.
  • The manufacturer is obliged to supply a copy of the DoP for each product entering the EU.  This can be either as a printed or electronic document.
  • Only one DoP is required when a batch of the same product is supplied to a single user, or an order repeated.
  • Distributors have to pass on the DoP to their customers.  Again if this is a repeat order they need only supply the DoP once. A paper copy of the DoP has to be supplied if the recipient requests it.
  • The DoP replaces the Declaration of Conformity which previously existed under the Construction Products Directive.
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