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Assessing Product Conformity (AVCP)

 AVCP Tasks for Systems 2+ and 4 under CPR

The CPR’s ‘Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance’ (AVCP) is a method for providing evidence of the conformity of construction products in relation to harmonised European technical specifications. For APA trademarked products, only AVCP Systems 2+ and 4 are relevant.

It also allocates specific responsibilities or tasks to manufacturers and whether the involvement is required of an independent certification body, called a Notified Body.

Table Identifies Specific Responsibilities/Tasks of Manufacturer and Notified Body for Systems 2+ and 4.

Tasks  System 2+  System 4
Factory production control (FPC) Manufacturer Manufacturer
Manufacturing plant sample tests Manufacturer
Assessment of performance Manufacturer1 Manufacturer2
Initial inspection of the manufacturing plant &  FPC Notified Factory Production Control Certification Body
Continuing surveillance, assessment & evaluation of the FPC Notified Factory Production Control Certification Body
Certificate of constancy of performance3 Notified Factory Production Control Certification Body
Determination of product-type4 Manufacturer Manufacturer


1 – Assessment of performance of the construction product to be carried out  on the basis of testing (including sampling), calculation, tabulated values or descriptive documentation of the product.

2 –  An assessment of performance of the construction product on the basis of testing, calculation, tabulated values or descriptive documentation of that product.

3 – The Notified Body shall decide on the issuing, suspension or withdrawal of the Certificate of Constancy of Performance of the construction product based on their tests.

4 – The manufacturer shall draw up the Declaration of Performance and determine the product-type on the basis of the assessment and verification of constancy of performance carried out under the relative system of AVCP given above.