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EN 594: 2011

EN 594: 2011

Timber structures – Test methods – Racking strength and stiffness of timber framed wall panels

This standard specifies the test method to be used in determining the racking strength and stiffness of timber framed wall panels. The test method is intended primarily for panels to provide:

  • Comparative performance values for the materials used in the manufacture of the panels
  • Information for use in structural design.

The test method measures the resistance to the racking load of timber framed wall panels which can deform both vertically and horizontally in the plane of the wall panel. The test requires the bottom rail of the wall panel to be bolted to the test rig. Uplift is resisted by the sheathing fixings and by the vertical loads on the top rail of the wall panel.

The principle used can also be used for other sizes or shapes of panels and to panels which are partially sheathed and to combinations of panels.

EN 594 is referenced in the harmonised standard for wood-based panels. EN 13986.