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EN 326-1

EN 326-1: 1994 (confirmed 2014)

Wood-based Panels – Sampling and cutting of test pieces and inspection

(Specific information on the cutting of test pieces and the expression of test results are available in clauses 6 & 7 of EN 324-1).

Panel properties for testing by EN 326

Panel Property

 EN Standard

 Panel Type

Moisture content

EN 322

Plywood, OSB, LVL

Dimensional movement

EN 318

Plywood, OSB, LVL


EN 323

Plywood, OSB, LVL

Modulus of elasticity in bending and bending strength

EN 310

Plywood, OSB, LVL

Internal bond

EN 319


Swelling in thickness after immersion in water

EN 317


Plywood & LVL bonding quality

EN 314-2

Plywood & LVL