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EN 315

EN 315 : 2000 (confirmed 2014)

Plywood – Tolerances for dimensions

This gives the dimensional tolerances of plywood panels (length, width and thickness) and tolerances for squareness and edge straightness at a moisture control of 10% (±2%).

Moisture content is measured according to EN 322: Wood-based panels – Determination of moisture content.

The method for measuring thickness, width and length of a panel are given in EN 324 -1 : Wood-based panels – Determination of dimensions of boards – determination of thickness, width and length.  Values are given for both sanded and unsanded panels. The standard covers variations occurring within a single panel and those occurring between different panels.

A methodology for measuring squareness of a panel and the straightness of its edges is given in EN 324-2: Wood-based panels – determination of dimensions of boards – determination of squareness and straightness.