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EN 310

EN 310: 1993

Wood-based panels: Determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and of bending strength

This specifies a method of determining the apparent modulus of elasticity in flatwise bending and bending strength of wood-based panels of nominal thickness ≥ 3mm.

The modulus of elasticity in bending and bending strength is determined by applying a load to the centre of a test piece supported at two points.  The modulus of elasticity is calculated by using the slope of the linear region of the load-deflection curve.  The value calculated is the apparent modulus, not the true modulus, because the test method includes shear as well as bending.  The bending strength of each test piece is calculated by determining the ratio of the bending moment M, at the maximum load Fmax, to the moment of its full cross section.

  • This should not to be used for structural design.
  • For structural design values, refer to EN 789 – Timber structures – Test method – determination of mechanical properties of wood-based panels.