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EN 12871: 2013 (updated)

EN 12871 : 2013

Wood-based panels – Determination of performance characteristics for load bearing panels for use in floors, walls and roofs

This standard provides methods for determining performance characteristics for concentrated loads and impact on wood-based panels used for

  • structural floor and roof decking and
  • wall sheathing

Additional information is now contained in Annex B, giving proposals for national performance requirements.  These should be applied where there are no national requirements. EN 12871 is referenced in the harmonised European standard for wood-based panels, EN 13986.

The following modifications have been made to the original EN 12871:2010:

  1. Examples of national performance requirements are given in the new section, Annex B
  2. Annex B.2.3 includes a new reduction factor for ultimate limit state
  3. New info on soft body impact tests: three impact classes have been defined relating to performance.  These can be linked to load categories as suggested in Annex B3
  4. Information on testing of racking behaviour or uniformly distributed loads are not covered in this standard – refer to EN 594 (not given here) or EN 1995-1-1 (Eurocode 5) respectively
  5. The option to increase the span based on the roof slope is included in Annex B.2.4
  6. This revision now incorporates the evaluation methods from EN 1058
  7. The load pad used for point load testing has changed and is now 50 mm x 50 mm in all cases, see Annex A

Panel product specification standards and technical classes for structural decking (floors/roofs) and wall sheathing

Panel Type  Technical Class Relevant European Standards





EN 300


EN 636-1

EN 636-2

EN 636-3

EN 636





EN 14279

EN 14374

EN 1195 applies to floors but not roofs. However, the test procedure in EN 1195 is also relevant to roofing provided that the apparatus is appropriately modified.  Annex A (normative) of EN 12871 gives a modification to EN 1195 to cover this issue.