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EN 12369-1

EN 12369-1: 2001

Wood-based Panels – Characteristic Value for Structural Design – OSB, particleboard and fibreboards

Part 1 provides information on the characteristic values (both the mechanical properties and the density) for use in designing structures incorporating Oriented Strand Board (OSB).  The characteristic values given are defined in Eurocode 5.

The types of OSB panel for which the characteristic values are given comply with the requirements of EN 300: Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) – Definitions, classification and specifications.

  • OSB/2 – Load-bearing panels for use in dry conditions
  • OSB/3 – Load-bearing panels for use in humid conditions
  • OSB/4 – Heavy-duty load-bearing panels for use in humid conditions

The characteristic values given have been determined using the sampling techniques set out in EN 1058 and the testing procedures given in EN 789. Strength and stiffness values are for bending, tension, compression (both parallel and perpendicular), panel shear and planar shear.  The density is also given. The values given in the tables appearing in the standard will need to be modified for duration of load (kmodkdef) and for changes in the service class depending on which panel type is being used in which climatic environment.  The modification factors can be found in Eurocode 5.