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EN 326-2 (updated)

EN 326-2:2010+A1:2014

Methods for internal initial type testing, initial factory production control and external control of wood-based panels to ensure they comply with the harmonised standard EN 13986 are all contained in this part of the standard. The manufacturer has the option of applying the same criteria for applications other than construction.

Amendment 1 (A1) was added in 2014 to meet the requirements of the 2004 revision to the harmonised European Standard EN 13986.  It covers:

  • Procedures for initial type testing and factory production control have been adapted to those specified in 2004 edition of EN 13986, including terminology .
  • Under  production control procedures, conformity of an established product is fulfilled if the specification requirement of a single 30 mean value complies with the specification limit, for the lower 5% value or the upper 95% value.
  • The procedure of evaluation of linear correlation between test results has been removed.

Additional notes on compliance:

  • This standard is not applicable when assessing compliance for specifications of panels in consignments.  EN 326-3 is used for this purpose.
  • For internal factory production, it gives methods for the assessment of conformity of batch production over long periods.
  • For the purposes of external control, it gives methods for the initial factory inspection, initial type testing and for the surveillance of overall factory production.