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PD CEN/TR 12872: 2014

PD CEN/TR 12872: (updated) 2014

Wood-based panels – Guidance on the use of load-bearing boards in floors, walls and roofs

This standard gives guidance on the use of wood-based panels in structural applications for floor and roof decking on joists; and structural wall sheathing on studs in accordance with EN 12871.

PD CEN/TR* covers:

  • Inspection at site
  •  Transport and delivery
  •  Handling
  •  Stacking
  •  Storage
  •  Moisture content, conditioning and the effects of moisture
  •  Cutting and machining
  •  Selection
  •  Installation.

PD CEN/TR 12872 is referenced in the harmonised European standard for wood-based panels, EN 13986. It also provides important information (such as expansion gaps between panels) for those selecting and installing panels in construction works, all of which is required under Construction Products Regulation.

The following modifications have been made:

  •  The document became a Technical Report* as part of its 2014 update.
  • References to requirements according to EN 12871 will continue until this standard  changes to one giving test methodologies.
  • The illustrations of wall and roof constructions in Clauses 14 and 15 are examples of  basic wall and roof construction only.
  • The recommended expansion gaps for walls and roofs in Clauses 14 and 15 have been reduced.
  • The order of the information provided has changed.