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European Standards for Structural Use

APA guide  – helping you comply with standards for wood-based products

Construction standards are devised by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) which brings together the National Standardization Bodies of 34 European countries including the UK.  It is a separate body from the European Union. CEN classifies products by use not properties and reviews each standard every five years.

Standards for plywood, LVL, OSB   – and  the I-joist equivalent

EN 13986: 2004+A1: 2015 is the overall standard for the structural use of wood-based panel products and lists all the individual standards needed to achieve compliance with this standard.

This APA online resource focuses on those standards relevant to plywood, OSB and LVL, providing information on over 50 relevant individual standards for specifying plywoodOSB and LVL. It includes an ‘at a glance guide’ to the different performance characteristics for specific applications  – matching them to the standards you will need for testing and verification.

To help you keep track of any changes, APA’s standards news update also lists relevant standards that are being reviewed or have been updated.

While there is no European standard for I-joists, you can obtain the info you need from the European Technical Approval Guide (ETAG 011) for equivalent I- joist test requirements.

Full details of a standard need to be obtained from your National Standards Body.